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Let the best Toronto Talent agency promote your skills


Talent and determination are two of the most important traits a model or an actor could have. However, in Toronto it is pretty challenging to make known your skills without the mediation of a dependable Talent agency. The catwalk and the movie screen can sometimes be very harsh when it comes to selecting the right man/woman for the right job. In consequence, we are not saying that a talent agent can guarantee you any job you dream about; rather we are suggesting that our Toronto Talent agency will work for you and serve you to your best advantage.

You see, you may be holding the most captivating, most marvelously almond-shaped eyes in the entire Toronto area. However, without a Toronto talent agent, you and your unparalleled look will remain hidden from the dazzle of the fashion world or from the excitement of film entertainment.

Subsequently, here at Susan J. Model & Talent Management, will draw you out of the shadows and make you known throughout Canada and, possibly, throughout the whole world. In other words, what does our Toronto Talent agency do more precisely? Basically, it will set an accent on your skills, rendering them visible to whomever may be interested.

To put it in a more concise manner, a Toronto talent agent is your discoverer. With his or her help, you will come to take part in photo sessions conducted by some of the best fashion photographers in Canada. His or her assistance will pave your way to the movie screen, starting small perhaps with advertisements but we will get you noticed. Consider such acting instances as the supplementary training for the bigger roles. No one has reached the top without starting from the bottom.

It is a pity to let your talent go to waste just because you didn’t know where to look for a good Toronto talent agent. But you have found us, you may take a deep breath and feel relieved: you have come to the right place. However, do keep in mind that hiring our services, be they for modeling or for acting purposes, means signing a contract with us. Of course, you do know that a contract is a legal agreement to which both parts need to stick until the time interval on which they have agreed expires.

We are mentioning the legal aspect because we want you to be aware of your and our obligations. As your talent agency, we assume the responsibility of promoting your skills and of practically obtaining jobs you could not obtain on your own. In your turn, you will need to reward our efforts where and when they prove successful. Don’t worry; we will be able to answer all of your questions you need to clear up. It is our pledge that none of our clients is going to sign a contract with us without being fully aware of the conditions, rights and obligations of each of the signing parts.

If you are really determined to be successful, it shouldn’t be too difficult to fulfill such an objective, especially if you have on your side a professional, experienced Toronto talent agent. Before you know it, you may have the entire glitzy Canadian (the fashion photographers) rushing to take your picture on the catwalk; before you know it, you will be launched in important advertising campaigns providing you with considerable financial rewards and allowing you take one more step toward playing important roles in movies. This sounds too good of an opportunity to miss, don’t you think so too? Eventually, the decision is in your hands and your hands only. You are the one who holds a special skill and who thinks it should be employed to its maximum. We are here only to help you be presented with the circumstances where your skills are in demand.

The agency also has an actors division for children as well as teens both male and female and the agency also has a separate modeling division.

Through years of representing actors we have dissected which actors had the right skills for the film and television industry. One of the best training the agency noticed on the actor’s resume came from the film acting school Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television, known for its on hands training in acting in front of the lens of the camera regarding audition Techniques, scene study, monologues, technical aspects of working in front of the lens of the camera as well as Qualified acting teachers.

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